How it Works

Every job is different, just like every website is different, but our process is the same each time.

Get In Touch

Fill out our form on the Pricing or Contact page, and we'll begin a dialogue about your site. We want to know what your needs are and how a website can support them.

You might know exactly what you are looking for, or just have an idea that you need a website. We'll see where you are in the process, and let you know what we need from you.

We can communicate over the phone, via facetime, Slack or other platforms. If you're in the Greater Atlanta area we'd love to sit down and talk with you.

Pick a Website Package

Decide on the number of pages for your website. You can add additional pages for $49 now, or any time in the future. Let us know if you have a domain name, or ideas for the one you want. 

Pick a Design

We will work with you to determine what you need for your website and your design ideas. Then we will create a preliminary design for your website. From there, we'll work with you to customize the website just for you.

While we're working, you are also working to gather the images and content that will populate the pages of your website.

SEO Planning

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical part of any website, ensuring your audience can find you.

Supply Images and Content

We need your input to make your website the best it can be. We'll send you a form to use to supply us with the content for your website, the images, headlines and copy. We can supply graphics and stock photos according to your needs.

Final Design

Once we have your content we'll create the final website with your input and approval.


We will update your site as available to ensure the safety and reliability of your website. We can make updates to the content, although large updates may incur a cost, agreed on before the work is implemented.

If you update your site on a regular basis, or just want to take over the support, we'll work with you to make that happen. Our websites are built with the Astra WordPress theme and the Elementor page builder, both of which can be used to easily update your site yourself.


A web host, or website hosting service provider, is a company that provides the hardware your website resides on, and makes it available to the internet. Popular web hosting companies include Siteground, HostGator, Bluehost, InMotion, GoDaddy, and many more. Choosing a host has a large impact on the speed, safety and reliability of your website. 

All of our websites are hosted on Siteground. We’ve found their reliability, speed and customer support to be excellent. With their packages, we are able to provide outstanding hosting for our customers that they can count on.

A domain name host holds the information on your website domain name and directs traffic to it.  For example, if your website is called “”, the domain name host will point people looking for that address to your web host. Your web host would then point to the hardware server where the code for your website resides.

If you decide to move your website to a new web host, you would update the records on the domain name host to make that change.

We mainly use Namecheap to register our domain names. Since being founded in 2000, they have become one of the leading companies in domain name registration, with a record of reliability and safety.

Because there are 2 very different services, we’ve picked the companies that we fell will give the best support.

We have no plans to change providers, but as the internet continues to grow and businesses advance and develop, we may find a reason to do so in the future.

If you plan on staying with us for support after the year is over, then yes we recommend moving to our provider. If you plan on supporting the website yourself, then you should look at the hosting plans and decide which one best suits your needs.

Support, web hosting and domain name registration  are provided for one year, starting from the day your website goes into production. After that year has completed, you have the option of continuing support with us.

If you choose not to stay with Bethany Web Design, you would need to acquire your own website host and migrate to that service provider. Most hosting providers will migrate your website either as part of a hosting plan or for a reasonable cost, and we would work with you to ensure a smooth transition.

At Bethany Web Design, we are all about transparency. We want you to know what’s going to happen before, during and after this process. We hope you’ll stay with us and let us continue to provide you with excellent support, but we understand everyone’s situation is different. 

Our websites are mainly built using the Astra Pro WordPress theme and the Elementor page builder. With this combination, we can customize a website for every customer that is unique, reliable and fast. We also feel that it’s an easy set of tools for bloggers or others who update their site regularly. 

You can totally do that. Do you have the time? There’s a learning curve to creating a website and you need to balance the cost of that against your time, and the expertise we bring to crafting a website. We will ensure that your website is safe, includes SEO protocols and has a modern responsive design that will ensure you present a professional front for yourself or your business. We hope you’ll give us the chance to provide that for you.

Unfortunately, no. We can support a website on any host, but it will take additional time to do so, eating up any savings from already having a domain name and/or web host.