Search Engine Optimization

We can create your site or provide an SEO review  with the goal of improving your search results. 

Keyword Research

  • Build a list of keywords relevant to  your business ranked by average number of searches per month.
  • Find keywords to improve your current search ranking.
seo keyword research

Site Content 

  • Body content on each page targeted to rank for specific target search keyword categories identified in the keyword research.
  • Ensure useful and relevant content, the foundation of SEO performance. 
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On-page SEO Optimization

  • All pages on the site will be created or reviewed for appropriate html title, meta description, and H1 tags, optimizing for targeted keywords.
  • Image names will be optimized to improve image search visibility.
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Technical Optimization

  • Analyze overall site performance. Page load speed is an important issue, for both search engine scoring and more important, for user engagement
  •  For existing sites, identify inconsistencies in URL references, sitemap structure, secure vs. non-secure assets, page redirects, and broken links for correction. 
seo research audit

Competitive Research

  • With your input, identify competitors.
  • Research search keywords your competitors are ranking in to help inform page targeting.
seo research bethany web design


  • Ensure Google Analytics, Google Search Console and other tools are employed to capture baseline ranking data that can be compared over time to measure the effectiveness of optimization efforts.
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